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GSX Groupware Solutions

Management: Antoine Leboyer

Blog: GSX Groupware Solutions

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Monitor communication resources, checking server/network/cluster availability, replication, mail routing, performance.

Our flagship product, GSX Monitor, keeps an eye on more than 5 million email accounts around the world. That makes it the most widely used messaging monitoring tool on the market today. It is a powerful solution to help safeguard servers, yet it does not require any code to be installed on the messaging servers themselves, ensuring that our product will never crash your servers.

Product Reviews

GSX Monitor is rated 5 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
 (3 customer reviews)
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View profile for Jason Baird Excellent monitoring tool
Jason Baird ( NTF Solutions Corporation )

GSX is a great tool for monitoring the overall health of your Domino servers. It's easy to configure and works well. It's great to be able to see at a glance where problems are occurring within large scale Domino deployments.

View profile for Bruce Elgort Elguji Software loves GSX Monitor
Bruce Elgort ( Elguji Software )

Elguji needed a world class monitoring solution for it's Software-as-a-Service (with Service) sites, a monitoring tool for our production, staging and development environments and also a tool to monitor several other Domino based websites. GSX was the tool we selected and depend upon to keep our flourishing business operational. On several occasions GSX Monitor alerted us of issues that needed our attention. The support staff at GSX have also been outstanding. If you are serious about your SLA's and knowing what's "really" going on with your servers you need to get GSX.

Review of GSX 9.3
Paul Mooney ( )

GSX released the point release of their monitor/Analyzer product in early May 2010. It’s no secret I am a fan of the product, warts and all. The depth of the features available and the level of detail in the gsx monitor suite is very impressive. Their Achilles heel is the UI. Some of the best features are not intuitively visible, and you really need a diving suit to get into its depths. So 9.3 is hot off the press and armed with my 9.2 software, and test servers built and operational, I fire everything up and get ready to go. The aim of this review is to test the upgrade process from 9.2 to 9.3, assess the new features (as per release notes and pdf files available from the gsx site, and give my thoughts on what was done. To keep things simple, I will look at the new features of monitor and Analyzer in turn. GSX Monitor and Analyzer are two of the strongest tools in my arsenal when caring for an environment. In my opinion they re not plug and play monitoring tools at all. They require work, configuration and respect. But the return is immense. All in all 9.3 has a lot of new features for a simple point release. Some of the issues with the product have been resolved, but there is more to complete. I look forward to the 10.0 release next year but after spending a day with this build, the upgrade to 9.3 alone is worth it. See the entire review here: http://www.pmooney.net/dload/techdocs/GSX93Review.pdf

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