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NSF Explorer, Editor and Toolkit for Lotus Notes databases. See (and edit) anything inside your databases—even profiles and deletion stubs—without views or agents. Also includes many specialty tools for common Notes issues like conflicts. Ytria scanEZ offers Lotus Notes developers and Domino administrators faster ways to access data inside in a Notes database; faster ways to edit data; better ways to search through data; and new ways to solve common Notes database problems—all without creating views or coding agents.

Product Reviews

scanEZ is rated 5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
 (6 customer reviews)
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View profile for Brent Goedert The indispencible tool for Devlopers and Admins alike
Brent Goedert ( Roto-Die Company, Inc. (RotoMetrics) )

Think about how much time you might spend looking at the document properties of document after document, to help you identify a bug. Scrolling down the list, in that small window, not always able to see much of the data... Using scanEZ, you can do that 10 times faster, and not only find the bug, but repair the data while you are at it. It is the only way to work with the raw data in your Domino applications. Searching, viewing, sorting, exporting, modifying, everything you would have to write endless amounts of code to do, is already done for you. And... scanEZ is just the tip of the iceberg... all of the Ytria tools are amazing.

Excellent product
Oscar Medina ( Medina Associates )

This ScanEZ product makes my work so much simpler. The ease of use is superb. It took a while to change my perspective from a designer interface. But, the time-savings are worth the learning time.

The ultimate tool
Jérôme Deniau ( [in://orM] )

The only set of tools you cannot live without in the Lotus-Notes Domino world. A must have for Lotus-Notes newbies, that way you should not have to develop a single line of agent code to replace/create/Delete field values (and that's only 1% of Ytria tools power). I do not understand why you do not have it right now!

Awesome tool, but lacks intutiveness
Hans C. Koch ( N/A )

I've been using ScanEZ for a few years now, and must say that it has saved hours and hours. I would say that it paid for itself within the first couple of days that I had it. Unfortunately its not super intutive to use. No doubt that its technicaly focused developers with an engineering degree that have developed it.

View profile for Julian Buss Excellent tool, must have for any serious Notes admin or developer
Julian Buss ( YouAtNotes GmbH )

ScanEZ saves a lot of time when doing maintenance tasks like changing fields in n documents, checking for conflicts, solving conflicts, analyzing fields in documents and so on. I use it several times each day. Highly recommended.

View profile for Jens Polster Can't live without scanEZ
Jens Polster ( SP Integration GmbH )

Since I've first used scanEZ I can't imagine working without it anymore. Not only is it a huge time saver, but it also enables me to do things very quickly which were very hard to accomplish without the tool. Most recently I have used scanEZ's document analyzing features very heaviliy. I was analyzing a customer application with tens of thousands of documents and needed to understand the document structure. (I was preparing an export of all documents and needed to do consolidate and otherwise modify the data extensively.) scanEZ allowed me to easily group documents by field values or even @Formula expressions, test @Formula expressions on single or groups of documents or to compare multiple documents side by side. Without scanEZ I would have had to build and constantly modify views which would have been much more time-consuming. Apart from these features scanEZ offers a variety of other tools like a really good conflicts solver, a document analyzer to find orphaned documents or documents containing reader and author fields, searching for documents by UNID, NoteID, @Formula expressions, full text index and many more. If you are working as a Notes/Domino admin or developer, you should seriously consider taking a look at scanEZ and Ytria's other excellent tools. The lite version of the tools is free, so go and take a look.

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